Destilador móvil El Jarpil en el campo

Mobile distiller

The collection and processing of raw materials for the extraction of essential oils continues throughout the Spanish geography.

Have you ever wondered how the exquisite aromas of aromatic plants are extracted? In a world increasingly interested in aromatherapy, herbal medicine and the search for natural products, the distillation of aromatic plants has become an essential practice. But what happens when you want to carry out this process on the move? That’s where the fascinating world of the mobile aromatic plant distiller comes into play.

Destilador Movil El jarpil junto a balsa

"Mobile distiller next to water intake"

Destilador móvil descargando materia usada

"Unloading of used material"

An Aromatic Journey on Wheels

Imagine a sunny day in the countryside, surrounded by fields of lavender in full bloom or a forest of fragrant eucalyptus trees. With a mobile aromatic plant distiller, you can take the distillation of these wonderful plants directly to the place where they grow, ensuring the freshness and quality of the essential oils you produce.

“Mobile distillation of aromatic plants is an exciting way to get closer to nature and create high-quality natural products.”

What is a Mobile Aromatic Plant Distiller?

A mobile aromatic plant distiller is a portable unit specifically designed to extract essential oils and floral waters from aromatic plants. It consists of an alembic, a burner, a condenser and an oil collector. The magic happens when you apply heat to the plants inside the still and the resulting vapor passes through the condenser, where it cools and turns into a precious liquid: the essential oil.

Advantages of a Mobile Aromatic Plant Distiller

Portability: Mobility is the key. You can take your distiller anywhere where the aromatic plants you want to distill grow.

Superior Quality: By processing the plants immediately, you will get fresher, more potent essential oils that retain all the beneficial properties.

Sustainability: By reducing the need to transport plants, you contribute to sustainability and minimize the carbon footprint.

Learning and Connection: Mobile distillation allows you to be in direct contact with nature and learn about aromatic plants in their natural environment.

What Can You Distill in Motion?

A mobile aromatic plant distiller allows you to experiment with a wide variety of plants. From relaxing lavender to revitalizing rosemary to refreshing eucalyptus, the options are endless. Each plant offers its own health benefits and unique aroma.

Applications of Essential Oils

The essential oils you produce with your mobile distiller have a wide range of applications, from aromatherapy to making personal care products, natural cleaning products, and more. You can also gift these aromatic treasures to your loved on

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