EL JARPIL produces and markets essential ingredients and other ecological products from certified wild and cultivated plants.

¿What is a Jarpil?

In the collection of thyme, sage and rosemary, three traditional packaging systems are used: the Haz, the Malla and "the Jarpil".

This is typical of the Sierras de Baza, Filabres, Los Vélez and Huéscar, halfway between Granada and Almería.

It is a network of ropes like a very open sack with a mouth with hooks. When the free end of the rope is passed through them and the load is pressed, this opening closes and the net compresses the contents. They are made by hand by the collectors themselves and the material used is thick hemp ropes and light braids. raffia.

Biodiversity Paradise

Andalusia is the only Spanish Autonomous Community where you can find three different species of rosemary that grow spontaneously.

In Almería alone, one of the eight Andalusian provinces, we have cataloged eleven species and several hybrids of the genus Thymus (thyme). This is a small example of all the biodiversity that can be found in Andalusia.

El Jarpil is a company specialized in the supply, marketing and certification of organic essential oils.

Located in Almería, El Jarpil was born in 2004 as a result of its own manager’s interest in organic products.

Pedro Pablo Pellín Martínez, CEO of the company, began at the end of the nineties to document the production process of essential oils and, as a result of his joint work with a family from the Sierra de Baza that was researching this type of production, took the leap to market and certify the organic product.

Jarpil is today a wholesaler that supplies the cosmetic and food industry with the bulk organic ingredients necessary to achieve the different formulations of its products. Their clients are companies of the same type, the vast majority located in France, where there is a great love for organic products, which act as wholesalers supplying their national markets.

R&D plays an important role in the company; In fact, the turning point comes with the Horizon 2020 Program, a project in which they rely to develop a prototype of a mobile distiller, one of the great achievements for the company, which will allow them to distill their products throughout the national geography. 

Their next big challenge will be to launch their own brand, package and reach the end customer thanks to an expansion of the commercial team.

“From the beginning we have had internationalization in mind. We have exported 70% of our turnover. In recent years we exported around 60% and invoiced between 1.4 and 1.6 million euros,” says Pedro Pablo Pellín, CEO of El Jarpil. France is its main market, although its products reach Germany, the United States, Canada, China and India.

The main collection and cultivation areas are located in the Sierras de Baza and Filabres, between the provinces of Granada and Almería.

EL JARPIL produces and markets essential oils and other ecological products from wild plants and certified crops.

A network or “jarpil” of producers, mostly linked to the Natural Parks of Andalusia, enables us to expand our range of references. Part of our work consists of the sustainable use of biodiversity: prospecting, evaluation and, where appropriate, production of new species, varieties or chemotypes.

Our main clients are producers of organic products that require varied raw materials of documented quality.

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